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Going on holiday finding all the comforts you need is the strong point of Villa Radice. As a matter of fact, Radice Comfort Apartments is located in a position that can be easily reached by public transport with shuttles from Malpensa. Moreover every single apartment is equipped with everything you need, from the coffee machine to the washing one, from the hairdryer to the cot,. The villa is located in an area close to the city center which is a few steps away from the main shops.


RADICE Comfort Apartments are located next to marvellous places and spots:

Abbazia di San Donato

Sasso di Preja Buia e i boschi annessi di Sesto Calende

Castello Visconti di San Vito

Diga del Panperduto
Rocca di Angera


Passeggiata dell'amore a Ispra
Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso
Isole Borromee

Lago di Monate

Lago di Comabbio
• Arona shopping - traghetto da Angera


Sesto Calende also offers various facilities for sports and leisure lovers.

• Ticino Bike Hub MTB rental

(you can find the best trails through the site SIRIO)
• Wave water park
• New Energy Gym
• Boat rental Verbella shipyard

• Stables for horse riding

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